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The View House

Located just East of Saint Helena, this residence is fully focused on the extraordinary 360 degree views out to Chiles Valley, Lake Hennessey and famous Napa Valley vineyards. These stunning vistas played an important factor in the layout where each space, indoor and outdoor, frames their own unique view.

At 2,000 square feet, the house is composed of two bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, office, library and detached two-car garage, loosely inspired by Architect Cliff May and the California ranch home.


The angled walls as seen in the floor plan accentuate the views, while the two large sliding glass doors allow for the house to open and extend into the incredible landscape. One side is the outdoor dining terrace, and the other a pool and lounge patio. The orientation of spaces based on sun and wind helps create comfortable spaces based on the different times of the day and year.

The angled walls as seen in plan are replicated in the overall form of the building, as well as the kitchen peninsula (complete with built-in pasta station), the range hood, black walnut island, and the tapered see-through fireplace chimney.

Fire-safety was an important consideration given the Glass Fire of 2020 came extremely close to the build-site. Fire hardened materials such as metal and stucco siding in addition to creating reed-like trellis structures out of metal pipe were important factors of fire safety.

The family was especially fun to work with; Jay Heminway, past owner of Green & Red Winery built this house to lure his daughter, Tobin, back to the west coast. Tobin, an interior designer fulfilled her father’s dreams and now runs the winery with her husband Ray.

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- Structural: Level Structural Engineering

- Civil: CMP Civil Engineering 

- Contractor: Owner builder with help from Beaman Construction

- Landscape Architect: JAC Designs

- Photos: Adam Rouse

- Interior Designer: Tobin Heminway

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