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Berryessa Barn

Located on the east side of Lake Berryessa, this agricultural barn sits on a 52 acre property and is unlike any other.

Facing a gorgeous view towards the lake, a large open air space is protected from bugs and the hot west sun with a perforated metal screen that fully opens on large tracks. The perforation abstractly represents the light filtered through the branches on nearby oak trees.

A large round metal pipe serves as both the structure of the roof, so the corners could be column free as well as a fireplace on cooler nights. The roof also serves as deck for lounging after a hard day’s work on the ranch. All materials are fire-wise and low maintenance for compatibility in this harsh, yet delicate environment.

The County of Napa also required viewshed analysis, and extensive erosion sediment  and storm water control plan due to the driveway grading, both provided by ChandlerWorkshop.


- Driveway: Pridmore & Company

- Structural: Williams Associates


- Earthwork: Pridmore Brothers Construction

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