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ElevenEleven Winery

Drawing from the winery’s concept of time and place, the new public and private tasting areas, event space and garden are designed fully immerse the visitors into their story. The current outdoor areas are underutilized and we all know that covid transformed our needs for extra breathing space.

The private tasting is surrounded by a tall circular hedge and uses the existing clock with brass numbers embossed into the ground. The wedge shaped nooks provide one-on-one tasting spaces, which together help emphasize the round shape of the clock. Overhead, bent tube steel trellis is a nod to a natural foliage canopy. A fountain in the middle is also surrounded by small tasting tables.

The outdoor public tasting area is a luxurious lounge space covered by steel framed canopies with wood ceilings for full shelter from the weather. A large linear fountain anchors the end of the space for an added visual and auditory experience. And curtains provide flexible spaces for larger and smaller spaces for different sized parties to have some solitude to contemplate the wine.

On one side of their private event building, will be a pool and fountain with cantilevered umbrellas, and  the same steel framed covering; one for pool lounging and the other for an exterior kitchen. On the opposite side, a gravel courtyard surrounded by garden will provide a flexible venue space for intimate gatherings.

Their concept:

“Located Eleven Eleven represents meant-to-be moments that highlight synchronicity, inspiration and delight. A fine bottle of wine embodies these elements and can elicit the same sense of mystery, wonder and joy. The time 11:11 symbolizes a perfectly balanced moment on the clock, making the winery's name a positively perfect choice. We hope you’ll feel inspired to make your moment extraordinary whenever you drink our wines, visit our property or simply see that special time on the clock.”


- Landscape Architect: Josh Chandler Designs

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