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Ryan and Maddie submitted their design presentation board to the AIA Redwood Chapter - host of this shade structure competition. Upon winning the Merit Award, the couple needed to build and assemble it as a temporary installation in Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square. The project was required to fit into a 10’x10’x10’ area but other than that, their imagination could run wild. Below is their submitted description.

“Landfills are not what come to mind as the most glamorous of places. On the contrary the wine country of Sonoma and Napa counties paint a different picture.

The upcycling and enjoyment of the embodied energy of a vineyard should not be limited to a glass of wine or the common re-purposed wine barrels. This shade structure is meant to re-purpose landfill destined materials in a completely different way.

Playing with shadows and light, the deconstructed modular cube creates a grid of frames made of recycled vineyard posts – a pressure treated wood unsuitable for composting. Each square is in-filled with either retired irrigation tubing, or cut ½ ton micro-bins used for grape collection. Huge amounts of irrigation tubes are often replaced when replanting vines. Cracked bins are at best reused for storing dirt (and after research, every recycling center in the area has indicated they do not take them).

The cube is composed of panels four modules high by four modules wide which allows a multitude of different arrangements and patterns. Select hinged panels and a sliding door provide shade flexibility and interaction amongst the users. Additional comfort is added by replacing certain tubes in the ceiling with misters, which are fed by a recycled tank hidden underneath the multi-person bench.

This shade structure is intended to bring attention to the role of waste in the climate crisis, and bring hope by creative design solutions. To spark innovative solutions to market these materials efficiently, and give them a new beginning. To re-imagine, re-purpose and re-vive the industry trade waste.”


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