The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) now in construction. Located in the Historic District of Yountville California, the ADU totals 460 square feet. The open plan lends itself to flexibility in how to use the space. An interior partition separates the living/dining area from the sleeping space, to be outfitted with a fold-up murphy bed.

The concept behind the guest unit was to provide a private getaway from the main house and also create a seamless transition from interior to exterior. With location limitations due to the relatively small backyard and more stringent setback requirements (due to the Historic District regulations), these two concepts presented themselves contradictory to one another.

The solution: glass window/wall systems complete the corner of the house and allow for the living space to stretch into the backyard patio. A horizontal trellis composed of rectangular tube steel provides solitude from the main residence and contributes to the unit ‘disappearing’ into the yard, all the while addressing the clients concern of sun exposure.