Once a garage and washroom, this structure is only 450 sf. In a small space with a home office, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft and large pivot entry door, attention to detail and high craftsmanship is the utmost importance. And of course the couple focused on making this an efficient and functional space!

The angled bathroom wall allows for the loft space to feel more open, while providing the perfect angle for a ladder to nest against. The intent of the ladder is to double for easy access to the storage cabinets located above the kitchen by rolling along a long custom-built track.

The mock-up shows the intent of the gable end walls - reclaimed vineyard stakes. These wood stakes are a material that is particularly prevalent in Napa County, and also one that cannot be composted or recycled due to their pressure treatment. These two exterior walls will serve as a rain-screen.

Further focusing on sustainability and the idea of multi-use, the extension of the internal gutter will serve as a sliding gate to their property as well as rain catchment for their future fruit trees.

Doing all the construction work themselves, the couple hopes to have their house done by Spring of 2020. And then on to their landscaping!